Waste Concentration Technology

Gravity Separation Sedimentation

Centrifugation Flocculation Oil/Water Separation Dissolved Air Flotation Heavy Media Separation Phase Change Evaporation Air Stripping Steam Stripping Distillation Dissolution

Soil Flushing/Soil Washing Chelation

Liquid/Liquid Extraction Supercritical Extraction Size/Adsorptivity/Ionic Characteristics Filtration

Carbon Adsorption Reverse Osmosis Ion Exchange Electrodialysis Chemical Treatment Processes Neutralization Chemical Precipitation Oxidation and Reduction Hydrolysis Chemical Oxidation Electrolytic Oxidation Alkaline Metal Dechlorination Alkaline Metal/Polyethylene Glycol (APEG)

Based-Catalyzed Decomposition 11.16

Project Earth Conservation

Project Earth Conservation

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