Vertical Tube Evaporators

Vertical-tube evaporators give 15 to 20% higher performance ratios and have fewer scale problems. They are used in large desalination plants.

In a three-stage, vertical-tube evaporator (see Figure 7.37.2), after the influent water is pretreated, it enters the heat exchanger in the last stage (No. 2) and progressively warms as it goes through the heat exchangers in the other effects (other stages). As the water moves through the heat exchangers, it condenses the water vapor emanating from the various effects. When the progressively warmed influent water reaches the first stage, it flows down the internal periphery of vertical tubes in a thin film, which is heated by steam. The wastewater feed to the second effect comes from the bottom of the first effect. Up to 15 effects are used in desalination plants.

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