Typical Degree Of Sludge Thickening Achieved

By a factor of 3 (a); or 4 to 6% solids in thickened stream (a,b)


TYPICAL OVERFLOW RATE (GPD/FT2) 200 (a); and 2500 to 5000 (b)

HYDRAULIC DETENTION TIME (HRS) 0.3 (b); and from 6 and up (a)

Excess activated sludge and trickling-filter humus are almost always withdrawn at a solids concentration of less than 1% by weight. The underflow solids concentrations of primary clarifiers are frequently less than 5% by weight. To decrease the hydraulic loading on sludge digestion and dewatering units and thus increase their efficiency in terms of the weight of solids processed per unit area or volume per unit time, wastewater treatment facilities commonly use thickeners.

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