Table 828 Composition Of Wastes From A Synthetic Fiber Finish Mill

pH range

Total solids range, ppm

BOD avg. ppm

BOD % OWFb avga

Rayon processing

Scour and dye Salt take-off Waterproof

Acetate processing

Scour and dye Scour and bleach

First rinse Second rinse

Nylon processing

Scour First rinse Second rinse Dye

Last rinse Waterproof

Orlon processing

First scour First rinse First dye Second rinse Second dye Second scour Third rinse Waterproof

Dacron processing

Scour Dyes o-phenylphenol (10% OWF) benzoic acid (40% OWF) salicylic acid (40% OWF) phenylmethylcarbinol (30% OWF)

monochlorobenzene (40% OWF)

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