Table 7351 Test Results Of Unox Process Applied To Industrial Wastewater


Type of Production Influent Retention Ratio (U), lb lb Oxygen

Facility and Character BOD Time MLVSS BOD/day-lb BODR, Required/lb.

Pesticides—Organic solvents and alcohols plus other biologically resistant organics Petrochemical—Low-molecular-weight organic acids and alcohols Petrochemical—Low-molecular-weight organic acids Petrochemical—Glycols, glycol ethers, alcohols, alkanol amines, and acetone Food Processing—citric acid Brewery Distillery Pulp & Paper—Kraft pulp mill

530 5.0 6000

330 3.3 4300

1750 16 8900

570 3.5 4800

4824 32.0 6200

1010 6.1 6100

291 2.0 5000

Source: R.W. Gross Jr., 1976, The UNOX process, Chem. Eng. Progr. 72, no. 10.

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