Table 5203 Flue Gas Desulfurization Processes

Process Generics

Process Operations

Active Material

Key Sulfur Product

Throwaway processes

1. Lime or limestone

2. Sodium

3. Dual alkali

4. Magnesium promoted-lime or limestone

Regenerative processes

1. Magnesium oxide

2. Sodium (Wellman-Lord)

3. Citrate

4. Ammonia

Dry processes 1. Carbon adsorption

2. Spray dryer

Slurry scrubbing Na2SO3 solution Na2SO3 solution, regenerated by CaO or CaCO3 MgSO3 solution, regenerated by CaO or CaCO3

Mg(OH)2 slurry Na2SO3 solution Sodium citrate solution Ammonia solution, conversion to SO2

Adsorption at 400°K, reaction with H2S to S, reaction with H2 to H2S Absorption by sodium carbonate or slaked lime solutions

CaO, CaCO3



or CaO/NaOH MgO/MgSO4

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