Table 52014 Technology Manufacturers And Suppliers




Number of Installations

Date of Last Installation

VOC Abatement

AWD Technologies, Inc., subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co.

Calgon Carbon Corp.

Callidus Technology, Inc.

Jaeger Products, Inc.


Technology and Research Inc.

Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Abatement

Tebodin B.V., Consultants and Engineers



International, division of Calgon Carbon Corp.

Catalytic VOC Oxidation

CSM Environmental Systems, Inc.

Haldor Tops0e Inc.

Catalytic NOx Reduction

Engelhard Corp.

Lurgi AG

Research-Cottrell Co.

Modified PSA

Granular activated-carbon adsorption Vacuum-regenerated activated-carbon vapor recovery

Vent gas adsorption

Membrane vapor separation for VOC recovery

Catalytic solvent abatement process

Flameless thermal oxidation

VOC abatement process

Catalytic oxidation

Catalytic solvent and VOC abatement

SCR of NOx

Catalytic conversion of

Project Earth Conservation

Project Earth Conservation

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