Table 52010 Adsorbents For Hydrogen Sulfide

Liquid Adsorbents

Trade or Generic Names




Monoethanolamine Diethanolamine Triethanolamine N-methydiethanolamine Diisopropanolamine Aqueous potassium carbonate Aqueous tripotassium phosphate Alkazid process

Dialkylglycine sodium salt Sodium alanine solution Sodium phenolate solution Aqueous Ammonia +Air/hydroquinone +Air

Aqueous Sodium Carbonate +Quinoline sulfonate salt and sodium metavanadate +Naphthaquinone sulfonate salt

Aqueous zinc acetate Aqueous calcium acetate

+Heat to decompose product Iron Oxide

+Controlled reoxidation Zinc Oxide, ZnO

Calcium oxide, CaO

Copper, Cu

(or other metals)

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