Table 5171 Ranges For Esp Design Parameters


Range of Values

Precipitation rate Vp Channel width D

1.0-10 m/min 15-40 cm

Gas Flow

0.25-2.1 m2/(m3/min)

Gas velocity u

Aspect ratio R = g Height

Corona Power Pc Corona power ratio „ =

0.5-1.5 (Not less than 1 for ^ > 99%) 1.75-17.5 W/(m3/min)

Corona Current

Corona current ratio

Plate Area

50-750 pA/m2

Plate area per electrical set As Number of electrical sections Ns a. In the direction of gas flow b. Total number of sections Spacing between sections

Len, Lex

Plate Height; Length

460-7400 m2 2-8

8-15 m; 1-3 m

Power Density versus Resistivity Ash Resistivity, ohm-cm

Power Density, W/m2







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