Table 394 Types Of Emissions And Discharges

Direct process streams (including after treatment) Fugitive emissions

Oils, lubricants, fuels, chlorofluorocarbons, heat transfer fluids Noncontact process water (e.g., cooling tower water and steam)

Batch process waste (e.g., dirty filters, fly ash, and water washes) Packaging materials Old equipment disposal Office and cafeteria waste Contaminated soil Contaminated groundwater Sediment and erosion control Stormwater runoff discharges Construction debris


1. Name of project (process step, production unit, plant)

2. Operating unit

3. Person completing this analysis

4. List each raw material and its major constituents or contaminants used in this process step, production unit, or plant

5. List each stream by type (feed, intermediate, recycle, nonuseful)

State Potential

Stream Stream Name (Vapor, Quantity Environmental

Type and Number Liquid, Solid) (Volume) Issue(s)

Dredging in a water body or any activity that impacts wetlands

Erosion and sedimentation control Monitoring or dewatering wells

Any action that constructs or alters landfills or land-treatment sites

Any system that constructs or alters water systems Any system that constructs or alters sanitary wastewater collection or treatment systems Stormwater runoff

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