Table 1132 Site Safety Plans

• Name key personnel and alternates responsible for site safety.

• Describe the risks associated with each operation conducted.

• Confirm that personnel are adequately trained to perform their job responsibilities and to handle the specific hazardous situations they may encounter.

• Describe the protective clothing and equipment to be worn by personnel during various site operations.

• Describe any site-specific medical surveillance requirements.

• Describe the program for periodic air monitoring, personnel monitoring, and environmental sampling, if needed.

• Describe the actions to be taken to mitigate existing hazards (e.g., containment of contaminated materials) to make the work environment less hazardous.

• Define site control measures and include a site map.

• Establish decontamination procedures for personnel and equipment.

• Set forth the site's standard operating procedures for those activities that can be standardized, and where a checklist can be used.

• Set forth a contingency plan for safe and effective response to emergencies.

FIG. 11.3.1 Initial transport processes at waste disposal sites (EPA).
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