Table 11285 Conversion Factors For Ionizing Radiation


Symbol Expression for in

Quantity SI Units

Expression Special in Symbols Name for for SI Units SI Units

Symbols Using

Special Conventional Names Units

Symbol for



Value of

Conventional Unit in SI Units

Conversion Between SI and Other Units

Activity A

Absorbed dose ID

Absorbed dose rate D

Average energy per W

ion pair

Dose equivalent H.

Dose equivalent rate H

Electric current I

Electric potential U, V


Exposure X

Exposure rate X

Fluence fi

Fluence rate $

Kerma IK

Kerma rate K

Lineal energy y

Linear energy transfer L

Mass attenuation co- p/p efficient

1 per second joule per kilogram joule per kilogram second joule joule per kilogram joule per kilogram second ampere watts per ampere coulomb per kilogram coulomb per kilogram second 1 per meter squared 1 per meter squared second joule per kilogram joule per kilogram second joule per meter joule per meter meter squared per kilogram

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