Table 112611 Treatment Processes For Removal Of Radioactive Wastes

Decontamination Factof


Individual Radionuclides

Mixed Fission Productsb


Coagulation and settling 0-100 +

Clay addition, coagulation and settling 0-100

Sand filtration 1-100

Coagulation, settling and filtration 1-50

Lime-soda ash softening 2-100

Ion exchange, cation 1.1-500

Ion exchange, anion 0-125

Ion exchange, mixed bed 11-3300

Solids-contact clarifier 1.9-15 Evaporation 1.00-10,000


Phosphate 1.2-1000

Metallic dusts 1.1-1000

Clay treatment 0-100 +

Diatomaceous earth 1.1-œ

Sedimentation <1.05

Activated sludge 1.03-8.2

Trickling filter 1.05-37

Sand filter 8.3-100

Oxidation ponds <1.1-20

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