Table 11152 Physical Treatment Data Needs

Data Need


Absolute Density Bulk Density Size Distribution Friability Solubility

(in H2O, organic solvents, oils, etc.)

Specific Gravity Viscosity

Water Content (or oil content, etc.) Dissolved Solids Boiling Pt/Freezing Point

For Solids

Density Separation

Storage Volume Required

Size Modification or Separation

Size Reduction


For Liquids

Density Separation Pumping & Handling Separation Separation

Phase Change Separation, Handling and Storage

Bulk Density Total Solids Content Solids Size Distribution Suspended Solids Content Suspended Solids Settling Rate Dissolved Solids Content Free Water Content Oil and Grease Content Viscosity


Boiling (condensing) Temp. Solubility (in H2O, etc.)

For Liquids/Solid Mixtures

Storage & Transportation






Storage & Transport Separation

Pumping and Handling

For Gases


Phase Change Separation Dissolution

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