Table 11151 Physical Treatment Process

Gravity Separation:

• Sedimentation

• Centrifugation

• Flocculation

• Oil/Water Separation

• Dissolved Air Flotation

• Heavy Media Separation

Phase Change:

• Evaporation

• Air Stripping

• Steam Stripping

• Distillation


• Soil Washing/Flushing

• Liquid/Liquid Extraction

• Supercritical Solvent Extraction

Size/Adsorptivity/Ionic Characteristics:

• Filtration

• Carbon Adsorption

• Reverse Osmosis

• Electrodialysis

The following chemical treatment processes discussed in this section are commonly used for waste treatment applications. These include

• pH adjustment (for neutralization or precipitation)

• Oxidation and reduction

• Hydrolysis and photolysis

• Chemical oxidation (ozonation, electrolytic oxidation, hydrogen peroxide)

• Chemical dehalogenation (alkaline metal dechlorination, alkaline metal/polyethylene glycol, based-catalyzed dechlorination)

Important chemical treatment data needs are presented in Table 11.15.3.

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