Table 10113 Industrial Waste Types

Type of Wastes


1 Mixed solid combustible materials, such as paper and wood

2 Pumpable, high heating value, moderately low ash, such as heavy ends, tank bottoms

3 Wet, semisolids, such as refuse and water treatment sludge

4 Uniform, solid burnables, such as off-spec or waste polymers

5 Pumpable, high ash, low heating value materials, such as acid or caustic sludges, or sulfonates

6 Difficult or hazardous materials, such as explosive, pyrophoric, toxic, radioactive, or pesticide residues

7 Other materials to be described in detail also instituted similar classifications and construction standards in its standard Incinerators and rubbish handling. The IIA also classifies waste into seven types (see Tables 10.11.2 and 10.11.3). Planners must also comply with local and state codes when selecting an incinerator.

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