Facilities must complete an MSDS containing the name and hazardous characteristics of each applicable chemical, the related health hazards, permissible exposure limit, precautions for safe handling and use, and emergency and first aid measures (EPCRA §311).

Facilities must complete annual emergency and hazardous chemical inventory forms which are sent to the EPA and an appointed state official (EPCRA §312).

Facilities must complete toxic chemical release forms to report on regular operational releases of hazardous substances from them. The forms are filed annually with the EPA and an appointed state official (EPCRA §313).

The EPCRA provides for administrative, civil, and criminal penalties for noncomplying owners and operators of facilities (EPCRA §325).

The EPCRA provides for citizen suits against facility owners and operators, the EPA, a state governor, or a state emergency response commission for inaction under the act (EPCRA §326[a]).

—David Bookchin David Farnsworth

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