Step 7apply Best Environmental Practices

The designer should review the entire process to minimize or eliminate unplanned releases, spills, and fugitive emis sions. (For example, recycle loops are used to sample batches. The use of reusable tote tanks should be promoted, and small refrigerated condensers should be installed on selected units to cut the emissions of costly volatile materials). This review should include all equipment pieces, seals, operating procedures, and so on.

The following hierarchy lists ways to eliminate or minimize fugitive emissions:

Prevent or minimize leaks at the source by eliminating equipment pieces or connections where possible and upgrading or replacing standard equipment with equipment that leaks less or does not leak at all.

Capture and recycle or reuse to prevent or minimize the need for abatement. Abate emissions to have no impact on the environment. Use the checklist shown in Table 3.9.8 in this analysis.

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