Step 6analyze Waste Minimization Overall

An accurate flow sheet that identifies all major process streams and their composition is important for meaningful waste minimization results.

First, all process streams should be classified into one of the four categories—nonuseful (waste), feed, intermediate, and recyclable—with potential environmental issues noted. Checklist A shown in Table 3.9.5 can be used for this analysis.


1. Name of project (process step, production unit, plant)

2. Operating unit

3. Person completing this analysis

4. Stream information (see Nonuseful Streams on Checklist A, Question #5) Stream Number

Stream Name

State (Vapor, Liquid, Solid)

5. What technologies, operating conditions, and process changes are being evaluated to:

a. Minimize this stream at the source?

b. Reuse, recover, or recycle this stream further than originally planned?

c. Process this stream into a useful product not originally planned?

d. Reduce the pollution potential, toxicity, or hazardous nature of this stream?

6. What other technologies, operating conditions, and process changes must be evaluated to:

a. Totally eliminate this stream at the source?

b. Allow reuse, recovery, or recycling of the stream?

c. Develop a useful product?

d. Reduce the pollution potential, toxicity, and hazardous nature of this stream?

7. How could raw material changes eliminate or reduce this nonuseful stream (See Checklist A, Question #4)?

8. What considerations are being given to combining or segregating streams to enhance recycling and reuse or optimize treatment?

9. Does this stream have fuel value? If so, what is being done to recover this fuel value?

10. What consideration is being given to using this stream as a raw material in other company production lines?

11. How does the way in which this stream is handled meet or exceed corporate, operating unit, and site waste elimination or minimization goals?

12. What is the regulatory inventory status (if any) of the chemical components of this stream? Do any premanufacture regulatory requirements exist for these components?

Fill out a separate form for each Nonuseful Stream (prior to treatment or abatement) that is not recycled internally in the manufacturing process via hard piping.

Solvent Evaporator

Jet Condenser


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