Relatively Complex Risk Assessment Procedures

These procedures include the following:

• Faulty tree analysis (FTA)

• Human reliability analysis (HRA)

FTA is a structured, logical modeling tool that examines risks and hazards to precisely determine unwanted consequences. FTA graphically represents the actions leading to each event. Analysis is generally confined to a single system and produces a single number for the probability of that system's failure. FTA does not have to be used to generate numbers; it can also be used qualitatively to improve the understanding of how a system works and fails (Stoop 1990).

ETA studies the interaction of multiple systems or multiple events. ETA is frequently used with FTA to provide quantitative risk assessment. Event trees are also used to assess the probability of human errors occurring in a system.

HRA can be a key factor in determining risks and hazards and in evaluating the ergonomics of a design. HRA can take a variety of forms to provide proactive design recommendations.

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