Recordkeeping And Reporting

Generators are subject to extensive recordkeeping and reporting requirements by 40 CFR Part 262, Subpart D. Generators who transport hazardous wastes off site must submit an annual report to the EPA regional administrator on EPA form 8700-13A. This report covers generator activities during the previous year, and requires detailed accounting of wastes generated and their disposition. Generators must keep copies of each signed manifest for 3 years from the date signed, copies of each exception report, each annual report, copies of analyses, and related determinations made in accord with generator regulations (40 CFR Part 262).

Generators that treat, store, or dispose of their hazardous waste on-site must also notify the EPA of hazardous waste activity, obtain an EPA ID, apply for a permit, and comply with permit conditions. They too must submit an annual report containing a description of the type and quantity of hazardous waste handled during the year, and the method(s) of treatment, storage, or disposal used.

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