Reactor Type

The correct type of reactor must be selected. The CPI uses a variety of reactor types, but most emulate one of three ideal models used in reaction kinetic design theory: the ideal-batch, continuous well-mixed, and plug-flow models (see Figure 3.7.2). In ideal-batch and plug-flow reactors, material spends the same time in the reactor. By contrast, in the continuous well-mixed reactor, the residence time is widely distributed. A series of continuous well-mixed reactors approaches the plug-flow reactor in behavior.

The differences in mixing characteristics between ideal-batch and plug-flow reactors and ideal-batch and continuous well-mixed reactors can significantly effect waste minimization in multiple reaction systems.

In the continuous well-mixed reactor, the incoming feed is instantly diluted by the product which has been formed. Thus, an ideal-batch or plug-flow reactor maintains a higher average concentration of feed than a continuous well-mixed reactor.

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