Process Type

a. Conventional b. Completely mixed c. Step feed d. Contact stabilization e. High-purity oxygen f. Oxidation ditch g. Sequencing batch reactor h. Deep shaft

a: 4-8; b: 3-5; c: 3-5; d: 0.5-1 (contact tank), 3-6 (stabilization tank); e: 1-3; f: 8-36; g: 12-50; and h: 0.5-5


a-d: 5-15; e: 3-10; f: 10-30; and g: not applicable

a & c: 0.2-0.4; b & d: 0.2-0.6; e: 0.25-1; f & g: 0.05-0.3; and h: 0.5-5


a: 0.02-0.04; b: 0.05-0.12; c: 0.04-0.06; d: 0.06-0.075; e: 0.1-0.2; f: 0.005-0.03; and g: 0.005-0.015

a: 1500-3000; b: 2500-4000; c: 2000-3500; d: 1000-3000 (contact tank), 4000-10,000 (stabilization tank); e: 2000-5000; f: 3000-6000; and g: 1500-5000

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