Process And Product Management

Production management consists of three control activities: recipe management, production scheduling, and batch history management.

Recipe Management

A recipe is the complete set of data and operations that defines the control requirements of a type or grade of product. A recipe is composed of (1) the header, (2) equipment requirements, (3) the formula, and (4) the procedure.

The procedure defines the generic strategy for producing a batch product. A procedure consists of subproce-dures, subprocedures of operations, operations of phases, phases of control steps, and control steps of control instructions. Figure 3.13.4 diagrams this relationship.

The recipe management function maintains a database of site recipes for various products, formulas, and procedures. The control recipe contains specific information on the batch equipment and units that can run each operation within the procedure. A master recipe is constructed from the site recipes using the formulas, procedures, and equipment-specific information. The master recipe is se-

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