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Anatel Corp.; Badger Meter Inc. (A); Bran and Luebbe Analyzing, Technicon Industrial Systems (B); Horiba Instruments Inc. (A); Ionics Inc. (B,C); Robertshaw Controls Co. (A); Tech-Line Instruments, Div. of Artech International Inc. (A); Xertex Corp. Delta Analytical (A); YSI Inc. (A)

The total damage caused by discharging wastewater into lakes or rivers is expressed and quantified by BOD, COD, or TOD measurements. These detectors measure the amount of oxygen that a liter of wastewater takes from receiving waters as its organic pollutants are degraded by oxygen-consuming (aerobic) bacteria. In BOD analyzers, bacteria is used to oxidize the organic pollutants; in COD analyzers, the oxygen demand is measured through chemical (dichromate), catalytic combustion, or direct combustion techniques. TOD detects organic and inorganic impurities in a sample.

This section describes various BOD, COD, and TOD analyzers. The main design distinction is the speed at which measurements are obtained and the correlation of readings with manomeric BOD tests. TC, total inorganic carbon (TIC), and TOC analyzers are described later in this section.

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