Partial List Of Suppliers

ABB Kent (A); Alphasonics Inc. (A); Badger Meter Inc. (C—prox-imity switch sensor); Brooks Div. of Rosemount (A—ultrasonic); EMC Co. (A—dual piezoelectric sensor); Endress + Hauser Instruments (A—capacitance sensor); Fischer & Porter Co. (A—in-ternal strain gauge sensor); Fisher Controls (A—dual piezoelectric sensor); Flowtec AG of Switzerland (A); Foxboro Co. (A—piezoelectric sensor); Johnson Yokogawa Corp. (A—dual piezoelectric sensor); J-Tec Associates Inc. (A—retractable design available, ultrasonic sensor); MCO/Eastech (A—including insertion-type, mechanical, thermal, or piezoelectric sensors); Moore Products Co. (B); Nice Instrumentation Inc. (A—dual piezoelectric sensor); Oilgear/Ball Products (A—vortex velocity); Sarasota Automation Inc. (A); Schlumberger Industries Inc. (A—dual piezometric sensor); Turbo Instruments Inc. (A); Universal Flow Monitors Inc. (A— plastic body, piezoelectric sensor); Universal Vortex (A—piezoelec-tric sensor)

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Project Earth Conservation

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