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Automation Products, Dynatrol Div.; Berthold Systems Inc.; C.W. Brabender; BTG Inc.; DeZurik, a Unit of General Signal; EG&G Chandler Engineering; The Foxboro Co.; Gam Rad West Inc.; IRD Mechanalysis Inc.; Kajaani Electronics Ltd. (Finland); LT Industries Inc.; Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.; Measurex Corp.; Monitek Technologies Inc.; Ronan Engineering Co.; Schlumberger Industries, Solarotron; TECO, Thompson Equipment Co.; Testing Machines Inc.; Valmet Automation Inc.

While density is mass per unit volume, consistency is mass per unit mass. It is a percentage obtained by dividing the weight of the solids by the unit weight of the wet sample. The most direct method of measuring consistency is to dry a sample unit weight and measure the weight of the dried solids. Consistency should not be confused with basis weight, which is the weight of a unit area of a sheet product. Freeness expresses how readily a slurry releases wa ter. Consistency should be measured at a constant velocity because it affects the reading. Consistency increases with freeness or alkalinity (pH) and decreases with temperature and inorganic material content.

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