Oxidation Ditches

Oxidation ditches successfully control total nitrogen effluent concentrations either by encouraging simultaneous biological nitrification/denitrification (SBND) in the same reactor or alternating biological processes between reactors.

Wastewater treatment facilities can achieve SBND by strategically locating the aeration equipment in the process reactors. By doing so, they can create alternating aerobic and anoxic zones. Phased isolation ditch technology, used extensively in Europe, alternates biological nitrification and denitrification in separate reactors. However, this technology differs from SBRs since wastewater is continuously discharged from the system. The BioDenitro process, developed by Kr├╝ger A/S of Denmark, has demonstrated applicability and potential in the United States (Tetreault et al. 1987). Part c in Figure 7.38.7 is a schematic diagram of the BioDenitro process.

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