Other Features Of The Caa Amendments Of 1990

The 1990 amendments to the CAA establish a new nonat-tainment program and contain new deadlines and divide nonattainment areas into several categories.

Deadlines range from 1993 for marginal areas to 2010 for Los Angeles.

Section 112 on air toxics lists 189 regulated hazardous air pollutants and directs the EPA to establish technology-based standards based on MACT. The amendments also provide for a program to prevent accidental releases.

Modeled on the Clean Water Act's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, sections 501 to 507 of title V establish a federal permit program for existing stationary sources. The EPA can veto permits not in compliance with the act, and citizens have certain rights to challenge them.

The new acid rain program seeks to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions nationwide to 8.9 million tons per year. It also mandates a reduction of annual NO emissions by approximately two million tons. These reduction provisions are part of a market-based emission allowance program.

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