Operational Setting Changes

Changes to operational settings involve adjustments to temperature, pressure, flow rate, and residence time parameters. These changes often represent the easiest and least expensive ways to reduce waste generation. Process equipment is designed to operate most efficiently at optimum parameter settings. Less waste will be generated when equipment operates efficiently and at optimum settings. Trial runs can be used to determine the optimum settings. For example, a plating company can change the flow rate of chromium in the plating bath to the optimum setting and reduce the chromium concentrations used, resulting in less chromium waste requiring treatment.

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

The solar Stirling engine is progressively becoming a viable alternative to solar panels for its higher efficiency. Stirling engines might be the best way to harvest the power provided by the sun. This is an easy-to-understand explanation of how Stirling engines work, the different types, and why they are more efficient than steam engines.

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