Implications for Waste Processing

Fluctuations in waste generation must be considered when waste processing facilities are planned. If a facility must process the entire waste stream throughout the year, it must be sized to handle the peak generation rate. Storage of MSW for later processing is limited by concerns about odor and sanitation. Limitations on the storage of bulky waste are generally less severe, but long-term storage of combustible materials is usually restricted.

Processing systems for mixed solid waste must be capable of handling a variety of materials in a range of sizes.

Because solid waste does not flow, it must be hauled or moved by conveyor. Because objects in MSW do not readily stratify by size, screening of MSW generally requires a mixing action such as that produced by trommel screens. Abrasive materials in solid waste cause abrasive wear to handling and processing equipment. Heavy, resistant items can damage size reduction equipment. Size reduction is often required, however, because bulky items in solid waste tend to jam conveyors and other waste handling equipment.

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