Hazardous Waste

Sources and Effects

11.1 Hazardous Waste Defined

11.2 Hazardous Waste Sources

11.3 Effects of Hazardous Waste

Characterization, Sampling, and Analysis

11.4 Hazardous Waste Characterization

11.5 Sampling and Analysis

11.6 Compatibility

Risk Assessment and Waste Management

11.7 The Hazard Ranking System and the National Priority List

11.8 Risk Assessment

11.9 Waste Minimization and Reduction

11.10 Hazardous Waste Transportation

Treatment and Disposal

11.11 Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Requirements

11.12 Storage

11.13 Treatment and Disposal Alternatives

11.14 Waste Destruction Technology

11.15 Waste Concentration Technology

11.16 Solidification and Stabilization Technologies

11.17 Biological Treatment

11.18 Biotreatment by Sequencing Batch Reactors

Storage and Leak Detection

11.19 Underground Storage Tanks

11.20 Leak Detection and Remediation

Radioactive Waste

11.21 Principles of Radioactivity

11.22 Sources of Radioactivity in the Environment

11.23 Safety Standards

11.24 Detection and Analysis

11.25 Mining and Recovery of Radioactive Materials

11.26 Low-Level Radioactive Waste

11.27 High-Level Radioactive Waste

11.28 Transport of Radioactive Materials

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