Filter Medium

a and b: Rock and slag; c: rock; d: plastic; e: plastic and redwood; and f: rock and plastic


a: 0.02-0.06; b: 0.06-0.16; c: 0.16-0.64; d: 0.2-1.2; e: 0.8-3.2; and f: 0.16-0.64

BOD5 LOADING (lb/(t3-day)

a: 0.005-0.025; b: 0.015-0.03; c: 0.03-0.06; d: 0.03-0.1; e: 0.1-0.5; and f: 0.06-0.12

a: 80-90; b: 50-70; c: 65-85; d: 65-80; e: 40-65; and f: 85-95 DEPTH (ft)

a: 6-8; b: 6-8; c: 3-6; d: 10-40; e: 15-40; and f: 6-8 RECIRCULATION RATIO

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