Feature Summary

Types of Filter Media

Paper, woven fabric with a low air/cloth ratio, felted fabric with high air/cloth ratio


Glass, Teflon, Nomex, dacron, orlon, nylon, wool, cotton, and dynel

Cleaning Methods

Reverse flow, pulse jet, and various shaking methods including manual, mechanical, and sonic

Partial List of Suppliers

Aeropulse, Inc.; Airguard Industries Inc.; Air Sentry, Inc.; Alco Industries Inc.; Amco Engineering Co.; BGI Inc.; Dresser Industries Inc.; Dustex Corp.; Emtrol Corp.; Environmental Elements Inc.; Esstee Mfg. Co., Inc.; Flex-Cleen Corp.; Fuller Co.; General Filters Inc.; Great Lakes Filter, Filpaco Div.; Hough International, Inc.; HVAC Filters Inc.; Interel Environmental Technologies Inc.; Kimbell-Bishard; Mikropul Environmental Systems; North American Filter Co.; Perry Equipment Corp.; Purolator Products Air Filtration Co.; Science Applications International Co.; Stamm International Group; Standard Filter Corp.; TFC Corp.; Tri-Dim Filter Corp.; Trion Inc.; United McGill Corp.; Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control; Zelcron Industries, Inc.; Zurn Industries Inc.

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