External Radiation And Contamination Levels

Radiation levels may not exceed certain dose rates at any point from the package's external surface.

A. 200 millirems per hour at the surface

B. 10 millirems per hour at one meter from the surface.

If the package is transported in an "exclusive use" closed transport vehicle, the maximum radiation levels may be:

A. 1000 millirems per hr on the accessible surface of the package

B. 200 millirems per hr at the external surface of the transport vehicle

C. 10 millirems per hr at two meters from external surface of the vehicle

D. 2 millirems per hr in any position in the vehicle occupied by a person.

DOT regulations also prescribe limits for control of removable (non-fixed) radioactive contamination as shown in Table 11.28.3. Maximum levels for materials packages are covered in Table 11.28.4. A conversion chart (Table 11.28.5) and a list of NRC contacts are also provided for reference purposes.

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