Examples of Decision Focused Checklists

The Battelle Environmental Evaluation System (EES) is a weighting-scaling checklist developed for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. It contains seventy-eight environmental factors organized into seventeen components and four categories as shown in Figure 2.5.2 (Dee et al. 1972). An interdisciplinary team assigns importance weights to each of the categories, components, and factors based on use of the ranked paired comparison technique. Impact scaling in the Battelle EES uses functional relationships for each of the seventy-eight factors (Dee et al. 1972).

The basic concept of the Battelle EES is that an index expressed in environmental impact units (EIUs) can be developed for each alternative and baseline environmental condition. Mathematical formulation of this index is as follows:



scale: 1 = worst; 3 = best
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