Equipment Selection And Process Design

At one time, multiple-hearth furnaces were sized by a series of slide-rule and chart computations. Now a computer routine normally performs sizing. The size of the multiple-heart furnace is determined by the processing rate of the wet feed per square foot of furnace area, i.e., the loading rate equals 7 to 12 lb/ft2/hr. Table 7.50.2 lists some standard sizes.


Exhaust gases at most installations pass from the incinerator furnaces through refractory-lined flues and enter three-stage, impingement-type scrubbers. Frequently, making the stack discharges essentially invisible is favorable. Accordingly, following the scrubber, some systems subcool the gases (below saturation temperature) to 110°F to condense the water vapor and reduce the acid formation in wet gases.

In advanced waste treatment systems that use lime, the use of CO2 gases to recarbonate the effluent also reduces

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