Epa Methodology

The recent publication of the U.S. EPA's Facility pollution prevention guide (1992) represents a major upgrade to their methodology (see Figure 3.2.1). It places additional emphasis on the management of a continuous waste reduction program. For example, the single chartering step prescribed in the previous manual (U.S. EPA, 1988) was expanded to four iteration steps in the new guide. Also, where auditing was a constituent task of implementation in the previous manual, the new guide presents it as a discrete, ongoing step. The guide's inclusion of "maintain a pollution prevention program" as part of the methodology is also new.

The methodology prescribed in the new guide is a major step forward. The previous manual correctly assumed that assessments are the basis of a waste reduction program. However, the new methodology increases the likelihood that assessment is performed because it prescribes waste reduction roles at all levels of the organization.

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