Dry Extractive Systems

A standard extractive system (see Figure 5.12.3) extracts a gas sample from the stack and delivers it to an analyzer cabinet through heated sample lines. Filtration removes particulates at the sample probe. (However, uncontrolled condensation can block the sample line because it cannot trap and hold fines that pass through the stack filter.) The dry-extractive CEM system removes moisture through a combination of refrigeration, condensation, and permeation tube dryers that pass the sample through water-excluding membranes. This system helps keep the gas analyzer dry and removes any interferences caused by water.

To convert the volumetric concentration into a mass emission rate when using velocity-measuring flow moni-

In Situ Monitors

Cross Stack

— Electrochemical

Extractive Monitors

. Dispersive IR and UV

Gas-Filter ■ Correlation IR and UV

Fourier Transform (FTIR)

Gas-Filter Correlation IR and UV


■ Chemiluminescence

■ Wet Chemistry

Open Path Remote Sensing

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