Design Procedures

Trickling filters are used extensively in the treatment of municipal wastewater and to a lesser extent in industrial wastewater. Using synthetic media has increased the capability of the trickling filter, and using multistage, synthetic-media filters has achieved a high degree of treatment in industrial wastewater.

Table 7.23.3 lists the treatability factor obtained on settled sewage by trickling filters with various media. The treatability factor (K) is a characteristic of the wastewater, and the n value is a characteristic of the trickling filter media. However, Figure 7.23.3 indicates that the treatability factor is influenced by the n value. If filter media with higher n values are used, the treatability constant is reduced for settled sewage.

The treatability factor varies with wastewater type. Selected organic compounds such as phenol and compounds containing the cyanide complex show high treata-bility factors, but typical industrial wastewater with or-

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