Irving M. Abrams

BCh, PhD; Manager, Technical Development, Diamond Shamrock Chemical Company

BSCE, MSSE, PhDCE, PE; Technical Director, Associated Water & Air Resources Engineers, Inc.

Elmar R. Altwicker

BS, PhD; Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Donald B. Aulenbach

BSCh, MS, PhDS; Associate Professor, Bio-Environmental Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Richard C. Bailie

BSChE, MSChE, PhDChE; Professor of Chemical Engineering, West Virginia University

Edward C. Bingham

BSCh, MBA; Technical Assistant to General Manager, Farmers Chemical Association, Inc.

L. Joseph Bollyky

PhD; President,

Pollution Control Industries Ozone Corp. David R. Bookchin, Esq.

BA, JD, MSL; private practice, Montpelier, Vermont Paul A. Bouis

BSCh, PhDCh; Assistant Director, Research & Development, Mallinckrodt-Baker, Inc.

Jerry L. Boyd

BSChE; Chief Process Application Engineer, Eimco Corp.

Thomas F. Brown, Jr.

BSAE, EIT; Assistant Director, Environmental Engineering, Commercial Solvents Corp.

Barrett Bruch

BSME, BSIE; Oil Spill Control Project Leader, Lockheed Missiles & Space Company

Robert D. Buchanan

BSCE, MSCE, PE; Chief Sanitary Engineer, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Don E. Burns

BSCE, MSCE, PhD-SanE; Senior Research Engineer, Eimco Corp.

Larry W. Canter

Sun Company Chair of Ground Water Hydrology, University of Oklahoma

Paul J. Cardinal, Jr.

BSME; Manager, Sales Development, Envirotech Corp.

Charles A. Caswell

BS Geology, PE; Vice President, University Science Center, Inc.

Samuel Shih-hsien Cha

BS, MS; Consulting Chemist, TRC Environmental Corp. Yong S. Chae

AB, MS, PhD, PE; Professor and Chairman,

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rutgers University

Karl T. Chuang

PhDChE; Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta

Richard A. Conway

BS, MSSE, PE; Group Leader, Research & Development, Union Carbide Corp.

George J. Crits

BSChE, MSChE, PE; Technical Director, Cochrane Division, Crane Company

Donald Dahlstrom

PhDChE; Vice President and Director of Research & Development, Eimco Corp.

Stacy L. Daniels

BSChE, MSSE, MSChE, PhD; Development Engineer, The Dow Chemical Company

Ernest W.J. Diaper

BSc, MSc; Manager,

Municipal Water and Waste Treatment,

Cochrane Division, Crane Company

Frank W. Dittman

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Rutgers University Wayne F. Echelberger, Jr.

BSCE, MSE, MPH, PhD; Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Mary Anna Evans

BS, MS, PE; Senior Engineer, Water and Air Research, Inc.

Jess W. Everett

BSE, MS, PhD, PE; Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, University of Oklahoma

David C. Farnsworth, Esq.

BA, MA, JD, MSL; Vermont Public Service Board J.W. Todd Ferretti

President, The Bionomic Systems Corp.

Ronald G. Gantz

BSChE; Senior Process Engineer, Continental Oil Company

William C. Gardiner

BA, MA, PhD, PE; Director, Electrochemical Development, Crawford & Russell, Inc.

BSSE; Director, Environmental Engineering, Campbell Soup Company

Brian L. Goodman

BS, MS, PhD; Director, Technical Services, Smith & Loveless Division, Ecodyne Corp.

Ahmed Hamidi

PhD, PE, PH, CGWP; Vice President, Sadat Associates, Inc.

Negib Harfouche

PhD; President, NH Environmental Consultants R. David Holbrook

BSCE, MSCE; Senior Process Engineer, I. Krüger, Inc. Sun-Nan Hong

BSChE, MSChE, PhD; Vice President, Engineering, I. Krüger, Inc.

Derk T.A. Huibers

BSChE, MSChE, PhDChE, FAIChE; Manager, Chemical Processes Group, Union Camp Corp.

Frederick W. Keith, Jr.

BSChE, PhDChE, PE; Manager, Applications Research, Pennwalt Corp.

Edward G. Kominek

BS, MBA, PE; Manager, Industrial Water & Waste Sales, Eimco Processing Machinery Division, Envirotech Corp.

Lloyd H. Ketchum, Jr.

BSCE, MSE, MPH, PhD, PE; Associate Professor, Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

Mark K. Lee

BSChE, MEChE; Project Manager, Westlake Polymers Corp.

David H.F. Liu

PhD, ChE; Principal Scientist, J.T. Baker, Inc. a division of Procter & Gamble

Bela G. Liptak

ME, MME, PE; Process Control and Safety Consultant, President, Liptak Associates, P.C.

Janos Liptak

CE, PE; Senior Partner, Janos Liptak & Associates Andrew F. McClure, Jr.

BSChE; Manager, Industrial Concept Design Division, Betzon Environmental Engineers

George W. McDonald

PhD, ChE; Pulping Group Leader, Research and Development Division, Union Camp Corp.

Francis X. McGarvey

BSChE, MSChE; Manager, Technical Center, Sybron Chemical Company

Kent Keqiang Mao

BSCE, MSCE, PhDCE, PE; President, North America Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

Thomas J. Myron, Jr.

BSChE; Senior Systems Design Engineer, The Foxboro Company

Van T. Nguyen

BSE, MSE, PhD; Department of Civil Engineering, California State University, Long Beach

Frank L. Parker

Professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Vanderbilt University

Joseph G. Rabosky

BSChE, MSE, PE; Senior Project Engineer, Calgon Corp.

Gurumurthy Ramachandran

BSEE, PhD; Assistant Professor,

Division of Environmental and Occupational Health,

University of Minnesota

Roger K. Raufer

BSChE, MSCE, MA, PhD, PE; Associate Director, Environmental Studies, Center for Energy and the Environment, University of Pennsylvania

Parker C. Reist

ScD, PE; Professor of Air and Industrial Hygiene Engineering, University of North Carolina

LeRoy H. Reuter

MS, PhD, PE; Consultant

Bernardo Rico-Ortega

BSCh, MSSE; Product Specialist, Pollution Control Department, Nalco Chemical Company

Howard C. Roberts

BAEE, PE; Professor of Engineering (retired) Reed S. Robertson

BSChE, MSEnvE, PE; Senior Group Leader, Nalco Chemical Company

David M. Rock

BSChE, MSChE, PE; Staff Engineer, Environmental Control, American Enka Company

F. Mack Rugg

BA, MSES, JD, Environmental Scientist, Project Manager, Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.

Alan R. Sanger

BSc, MSc, DPhil; Consultant and Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta

Chakra J. Santhanam

Senior Environmental Engineer, Crawford & Russell, Inc. E. Stuart Savage

BSChE, PE; Manager, Research and Development, Water & Waste Treatment, Dravco Corp.

Letitia S. Savage

BS Biology; North Park Naturalist,

Latodami Farm Nature Center,

Allegheny County Department of Conservation

Frank P. Sebastian

MBA, BSME; Senior Vice President, Envirotech Corp. Gerald L. Shell

MSCE, PE; Director of Sanitary Engineering, Eimco Corp.

Wen K. Shieh

PhD; Department of Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Stuart E. Smith

BChE, MSChE, MSSE, PE; Manager,

Industrial Wastewater Operation, Environment/One Corp.

John R. Snell

BECE, MSSE, DSSE, PE; President, John R. Snell Engineers

Paul L. Stavenger

BSChE, MSChE; Director of Technology, Process Equipment Division, Dorr-Oliver, Inc.

Michael S. Switzenbaum

BA, MS, PhD; Professor, Environmental Engineering Program, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Floyd B. Taylor

BSSE, MPH, PE, DEE; Environmental Engineer, Consultant

Amos Turk

BS, MA, PhD; Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, The City College of New York

Curtis P. Wagner

BA, MS; Senior Project Manager, TRC Environmental, Inc.

Cecil C. Walden

BA, MA, PhD; Associate Director, B.C. Research, Canada Roger H. Zanitsch

BSCE, MSSE; Senior Project Engineer, Calgon Corp. William C. Zegel

ScD, PE, DEE; President, Water and Air Research, Inc.

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