Contingency Plan And Emergency Procedure

A contingency plan must be in effect at each TSDF. The plan must minimize hazards from fires, explosions, or any release of hazardous waste constituents. The plan must be implemented immediately whenever there is a fire, explosion or release that would threaten human health or the environment.

The contingency plan must

Describe personnel actions to implement the plan Describe arrangements with local police, fire, and hospital authorities, as well as contracts with emergency response teams to coordinate emergency services

List names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons qualified to act as emergency coordinators for the facility

List all emergency equipment, communication, and alarm systems, and the location of each item Include an evacuation plan for facility personnel

The contingency plan must be maintained at the facility and at all emergency response facilities that might provide services. It must be reviewed and updated whenever any item affecting the plan is changed. A key requirement is designating an emergency coordinator to direct response measures and reduce the adverse impacts of hazardous waste releases.

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