Contactstabilization Activatedsludge Process

A steady-state mass balance on the microorganisms around the stabilization tank (see Figure 7.21.6) yields the following equations:

Vs = [rQ(Xr - Xs + YSJ + YQ(1 - a)SiTj/kdXs 7.25(19) r = XC/(XS - XJ 7.25(20)


SiT = total influent BOD, mg/l Vs = stabilization tank volume, l Xs = MLVSS concentration in the stabilization tank, mg/l

Xc = MLVSS concentration in the contact tank, mg/l a = soluble fraction of influent BOD

All other terms are defined previously. The example assumes that all insoluble BOD (suspended and colloidal) entrapped and adsorbed by microorganisms is stabilized in the stabilization tank.

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