Confined Interface Flow

Figure 9.10.2 shows the shallow confined interface flow when the aquifer is bounded above by a horizontal impervious boundary and below by an interface. Since h = hs — (Hs — H) and the head ^ = hf + Hs, use of the Ghyben-Herzberg equation gives the thickness of the aquifer h as h = P <f>---— Hs + H 9.10(5)

The elevation z of the interface above the reference level equals z = Hs — hs. Use of the Ghyben-Herzberg equation then yields

groundwater table interface

FIG. 9.10.1 Interface flow in coastal aquifers. (Reprinted from O.D.L. Strack, 1989, Groundwater mechanics, Vol. 3, Pt. 3, Prentice-Hall, Inc.)

FIG. 9.10.2 Shallow confined interface flow. (Reprinted from O.D.L. Strack, Groundwater mechanics, Vol. 3, Pt. 3, Prentice-Hall, Inc.)
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