Classify And Type Surface Drainage

The plot plan, having furnished the locations of all pumps, exchangers, compressors, tanks, and towers, also shows the extent of paved and curbed areas. The paved and curbed areas adjacent to process equipment should be segregated into proper sewer system classifications, namely, oily water sewer, acid (chemical) sewer, storm water sewer, and sanitary sewer depending on the type of process waste drainage or spillage. These areas must be divided into surface drainage areas that collect and channel drainage to the proper sewer system classification.

Paved or unpaved areas in outlying locations, not adjacent to process equipment or buildings, should also be divided into surface drainage areas. These areas are usually free from contamination and can be channeled into the storm water sewer.

Diked or curbed areas at tank farm and storage locations also require provisions for surface drainage and should be divided into suitable drainage areas. These drains should be run to the oily water sewer main.

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