Colloidal Behavior and Inorganic Coagulants Colloidal Pollutants Colloidal Properties Destabilization of Colloidal

Suspensions Inorganic Coagulants Practical Applications Laboratory Determination of Coagulant Doses

Flocculation with Organic Polyelectrolytes Flocculants Coagulant Aids Design Considerations Instrumentation and Control Applications

Coagulation Systems System Description Preparation of Coagulant Solutions

Engineering Design Considerations Settling or Flotation Coagulation Followed by Settling Coagulation Followed by Flotation Coagulation in Sludge Handling Emulsion Breaking Types of Emulsions Stability of Emulsions Emulsion Breaking Methods Treatment of Waste Emulsions Future of Emulsion Breaking

Organics, Salts, Metals, and Nutrient Removal

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