Availability Limitations

This process is used to treat aqueous wastes that are more volatile, less soluble (e.g., chlorinated hydrocarbons such as tetrachloroethylene) and aromatic (e.g., toluene). Limitations include temperature dependency, as stripping efficiency is impacted by changes in ambient temperature. In addition, the presence of suspended solids may reduce efficiency. If the concentration of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) exceeds about 100 ppm, another separation process, e.g. steam stripping, is usually preferred.

Status. This process is commercially available.

Vacuum Pump b

Distilled Vapor

Heat Exchanger

Cooling Water

Vapor Chambe

Cooling Water

Vapor Chambe

■ Steam Condensate

Dilute Liquid Dilute Liquid

Feed Pump

Transfer Pump

Concentrated Liquid ->-

FIG. 11.15.4 Typical single effect evaporator, falling film type.



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