Contacting Power, hp/1000 CFM

Raw lime kiln dust - venturi and cyclonic spray

Prewashed lime kiln dust - venturi, pipeline, and cyclonic spray

Talc dust - venturi

Talc dust - orifice and pipeline

Black liquor - venturi and cyclonic spray

Black liquor - venturi, pipeline, and cyclonic spray

Black liquor - venturi evaporator

Phosphoric acid mist - venturi

Foundry cupola dust - venturi

Open-hearth steel - venturi

Talc dust - cyclone

Copper sulfate - solivore, and mechanical spray generators

Copper sulfate - hydraulic nozzles

Ferrosilicon furnace fume - venturi and cyclonic spray

FIG. 5.18.14 Performance curve for scrubbing aerosols. (Adapted from K.T. Semrau, 1960, Correlation of dust scrubber efficiency, J. APCA 10:200.)

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