This scheme can account for variable levels of CO in the exit gases, depending on the VOCs, temperature, and residence time. This analysis does not account for other PICs; usually when CO is low, other PICs are low also. Since the rate coefficients k1 and k2 are the Arrhenius-type and are strongly temperature-dependent, temperature is the critical variable.


The incineration of VOCs requires a minimum residence time at a specified temperature to achieve a certain DRE. Given the global rate expression of Equation 5.21(2) and a pseudo-first-order rate coefficient k1 = A exp (—E/RT), where E = 45 Kcal mole—1, A = 1.5 X 1011 s—1, R = gas constant = 2 X 10—3 Kcal mole—1 K—1, and T = temperature K, would 1 sec at 1000 K (1341°F) be sufficient to achieve a DRE of 99.99%?

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