Water pump spindle double row ball bearing

(Fig. 6.22) In cases where it is necessary to have two bearings spaced apart to support a lightly loaded shaft, such as that used for a water pump and fan, it is sometimes convenient to dispense with the inner raceway ring and mount the balls directly onto the raceway grooves formed on the shaft itself. The space between the shaft and housing is then charged with grease and is fully sealed so that no further attention is required during the working life of the bearings. Such arrangements not only

Fig. 6.22 Water pump spindle double row ball bearing
Fig. 6.23 Clutch release thrust ball bearing

reduce the size of the bearings and housing but also reduce the cost of the assembly.

Clutch release thrust ball bearing (Fig. 6.23) Where only pure thrust loads are to be coped with for relatively short periods at high speeds, the use of angular contact ball bearings is generally preferred to the single row parallel disc type ball thrust bearing. This configuration has a deep grooved inner race ring and an angular contact outer race ring with a thrust flange on one side. These inner and outer ball track bearing arrangements do not suffer from high rotative speed effects and will operate over a long period of time under moderate random thrust loading, such as when a clutch release mechanism is engaged and released. Sealing the assembled bearing is a steel cover pressing which is designed to retain the pre-packed grease and to exclude dirt getting to the balls and grooved tracks.

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